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The Red Service Van

The red service van has been Christenson Electric's trademark throughout our history. Our service vans assist hundreds of customers to keep their business running, saving them from lost revenues. Your business is our business. Partner with us and you can expect the best service available.

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Red Service Van



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Since 1945, Christenson Electric Has Been Keeping Businesses Powered

A full-service electrical contractor headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our name is etched on the infrastructure and skylines of the Pacific Northwest. We are building the future. From wind energy and data centers to university campuses, if it moves our world forward, we can power it.

Our experienced team of electricians, linemen, technicians and project managers are on the job for you with the core values of our company backing them each step of the way. Other companies talk about integrity, safety and teamwork. At Christenson Electric, it's our way of life.






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