Acceptance of purchase order implies agreements to the following terms/conditions of Christenson Electric, Inc. (further noted as CEI).  Both parties have read and understand this Purchase Agreement.  The Terms and Conditions of this Purchase Agreement supersede all prior Proposals and Agreements.

1.      All material will be supplied, per plans and specifications including addendas.

2.      Purchase order is contingent upon CEI receiving a contract.

3.      Prices to remain in effect for the duration of the project.

4.      Actual quantities ordered may vary due to job requirements.  All changes to this Purchase Order must be acknowledged in writing by a Change Order issued from CEI’s Purchasing Department.

5.      Vendor agrees to return stock materials remaining upon completion of project.  Full credit will be issued (invoice cost), with no re-stocking charge, provided materials are clean and undamaged.  All special order materials will be returned to the factory with a pre-negotiated restock fee.

6.      All correspondence (packing slips and invoices) must reference a valid purchase order number.

7.      All packing slips must show quantities back-ordered, as well as quantities shipped.

8.      Notify CEI on all back-orders and provide a new delivery schedule for back-ordered items.

9.      Invoices received in CEI Corporate Office after the 25th of the month will be processing in next month’s business.

10.   All Invoice Terms shall be 2% 10th of the Month, Net 30. Vendors with negotiated discounts whose invoices do not have valid purchase order numbers shall extend cash discounts on those invoices once they are resolved.

11.   All invoices to supply legible proof of delivery.

12.   All freight will be prepaid unless previously negotiated.

13.   All materials will be for jobsite unless agreed upon by CEI.

14.   The supplier is to advise the transportation company to notify CEI at least 24 hours prior to delivery.

15.   An authorized CEI employee must sign for all deliveries.

16.   If submittals, O&M’s and/or drawings, are required material may not be release until authorized by project manager or designated CEI representative.

17.   If submittals are not approved, resubmission must be in our office with seven (7) calendar days from the date of notification of rejected submittals.

18.   All material must be UL approved and carry the UL label.

19.   When material is shipped in error to the job site, it is the responsibility of the supplier to see that the material is replaced with the correct material and that the incorrect material is removed from the job site.  Shipping errors shall be the responsibility of the vendor.



20.   All lighting fixture cartons are to be marked with CEI Purchase Order Number, fixture type, and voltage.

21.   Lamps, trims, ballast, reflectors, stems, drawings and any miscellaneous parts shipped separately must be marked with Purchase Order number, fixture type, and voltage.

22.   All fixtures are to be earthquake approved and provided with seismic clips.

23.   All fixtures to include lamps.  All lamps, trims, etc. shall be bid and invoiced separately where manufacture/vendor invoices separately.

24.   Lamps and ballast are to be compatible for maximum fixture performance.




25.   All panel boards and switchboard cartons must be marked with panel designation.

26.   Panel “cans” shipped prior to the interiors and trims are to be marked with panel designation.

27.   All interiors, trims, circuit breakers, and any miscellaneous parts shipped separately must be marked with panel designation.

28.   All panels’ interiors are to be provided with proper sized lugs for the incoming conductor.

29.   All circuit breakers are to be provided with proper sized lugs for the incoming conductor.

30.   All switchgear interiors are to be shipped with all breakers/switches installed as shown on Panel Schedules (or as modified by addendum or change order).

31.   All transformers are to be marked with voltage, transformer designation, to be provided with lug kits and Transformer Pads.




32.    0% Restock on “A” level commodities as long as they are in the original packaging and in resellable condition.