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Christenson has the experience, knowledge and skilled work force to meet the needs of our changing world.

Energy Trust of Oregon

Renewable Energy


As The country continues to look at more waYs to lower green house emissions, reduce its carbon print, and meet aggressive state initiatives to increase clean renewable energy production
–Christenson is ready!

Over the past decades Christenson has played a large part in supporting the growth and vitality that renewable energy brings to the northwest and across the country. Our diverse expertise in renewable energy has been developed over time and through our valued relationships with utilities, developers and energy providers at home and across the country.


In 1998, Christenson Electric made its entrance into the wind industry by constructing our first major wind project in the state of Oregon. Since then, we have built a solid reputation among large energy developers, energy providers and national general contractors, as an experienced qualified contractor, familiar with wind farm construction. As a result, our portfolio of wind farm projects has expanded across the national footprint.

From Oregon to New York, Christenson Electric is the right choice on your next wind farm development. Our utility, electrical and fiber optic cabling expertise, qualifies us to perform on all electrical aspects of getting a wind farm up and running. Our resume of skills range from; substation and switchyard construction, overhead and underground collection systems, tower wiring, transmission up to 500kV and fiber optic cabling.

Whether the project is a 200MW wind farm or the tower wiring of a single wind turbine, energy developers, general contractors and turbine manufacturers can count on Christenson to bring expertise, professionalism and a reliable on-the-ground team to every job.


Solar power is rapidly becoming a viable energy alternative to power commercial and industrial facilities and Christenson is ready! We have experienced, trained engineers and technicians that can design and professionally install any size of solar array whether it is a single solar panel on the roof of your business or a utility sized solar farm constructed to bring clean power to 1,000 homes. Christenson is proud to be a trade ally with the Energy Trust of Oregon.  Through this relationship, our customers are eligible to receive an additional cash savings, straight off their solar installation cost!


Christenson's knowledge base of hydro facilities stem from our close proximity to the mighty Columbia River, North America's largest source of hydropower. Our expertise in hydropower has been built on over 30 years of experience installing, upgrading and maintaining power house components throughout Oregon, Washington and California.


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