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Christenson is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional customer value through superior electrical, power and technology services.

We are committed to integrity, respect, quality, safety, innovation, exceptional customer service and teamwork. We apply these core values as our company code of conduct that is used in all communications within the company, when relating to our customer and living in our community.

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About Us

Christenson's signature red vans

Founded in 1945 in Portland, Oregon, as a family business, Christenson Electric has grown to be one of the largest electrical contractors in the Northwest.

Locally, Christenson has proudly served the Portland community for more than 60 years, building its strong reputation by providing high quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and prompt service call response. The Christenson name has been built on the pride, dedication and hard work of its valued employees and large fleet of red Christenson service vans.

Over the decades, we have been directly involved with the growth and prosperity of the city, building the electrical infrastructure on large construction projects for several of Portland's downtown landmark high rise buildings, light rail transportation system, hospitals and high-tech facilities which have come to define the Rose City landscape.

Nationally, Christenson has expanded its territory through out the continental United States, successfully completing projects in multiple states such as New York, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado and Idaho.

Christenson Electric is home to a workforce that employs approximately 400 people both locally and within our national footprint. The strength and continuing legacy of Christenson Electric is rooted in the integrity, pride and quality craftsmanship of our workforce. Over the years, Christenson's dedication and respect toward our employees has inspired the future of young apprentices who have made a career with the company. For them, Christenson is more than a job—it is a destination.


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