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Integrity, respect, quality, safety, innovation, customer service and teamwork are the values we at Christenson share. Our customers recognize that our products and services are enhanced by our commitment to these values.

Core Capabilities

Services: High Voltage Utility

High Voltage

At Christenson, our high voltage services department works on the high voltage lines, cables and generating systems that provide power to your meter.

Our customers consist of utilities, private industry, developers and independents throughout the continental United States. We specialize in high voltage construction and support services ranging in voltages from 15kV up to 500kV. Areas of work include substation/switchyard construction, transmission and distribution projects, maintenance, labor support services and overhead and underground systems. Our customers know that during a power outage emergency, Christenson is ready to mobilize, 24/7.

Our linemen are highly trained and skilled in keeping safe working clearances, proper grounding and implementing best practices while performing their daily work activities. By working safely, we keep the power on and the meter turning efficiently and effectively.


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